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Midland Base Weekly Update August 18, 2014

Despite both Bungie and 343 Industries not putting out an update there is still much to talk about. Both of them making their presence known at the Gamescom in Germany. We have remade maps, Mars, competitive multiplayer modes, and even a whole channel dedicated to Halo. I am in geek heaven this week folks and there is plenty of room for you all here. So sit back, grab a drink, pop some popcorn and away we go!

343i News

No Halo Bulletin for us this week but that didn't stop them from showcasing a new old map from Halo 2 and announcing Halo Channel. It's like Halo Waypoint only better.

Halo Channel

Halo Channel was announced for Xbox One. Yet another reason to go out and get an Xbox One. Halo Channel looks like Halo Waypoint on steroids. This will be your one stop shop for all thinks Halo from behind the scenes look at 343i as well as Halo games and Tv series.

It looks like 343i is trying to really push the hands on feel them Tv really can't give us.  This is where you will be able to watch Halo: Nightfall and see some behind the scenes look at voice acting, Halo game making, as well as watch highlights in gaming glory.  Making Halo a fully interactive experience the Halo Waypoint has thus far tried and failed to do (at least in this scope).  If you have an Xbox One, this might be a daily place to check out before hitting the Halo: MCC matchmaking.

Halo 5 Beta

That's right my friends, "shoulda had beta" has gotten through to 343i.  We all knew this of course but 343i has released the Halo 5 beta first look.  A glimpse at what is to come with the beta as well as when and how long it will last.

December 29th - January 18th! Almost 3 weeks of beta goodness.  Why so early in the development phase are they releasing the beta you might ask; to allow plant of time to make meaningful changes.  If you do a beta at the end of the development cycle you can really only make minor changes without having to push back the release date.  This way if there is something people want or don't want they can make the necessary changes without the risk of pushing the game into 2016 or worse, giving us another Halo that falls a little too short.  What's more they will be integrating the beta into the aforementioned Halo Channel to allow your voice to be heard for changes.  They will also be allowing you to keep some items you unlock during the beta for the full version of the game, nice.


If you played the original Halo 2 while servers were still up you might remember Sanctuary in all items glory.  If you don't remember this little ditty was a great 4v4 symmetrical map that played well with team objectives.

They are really taking care of the old maps.  they look absolutely gorgeous.  i watched the tournament at gamescom and the polish on this and ascension really bring halo 2 into the next generation.  i had a lot of fun on this old map after it was released in the killtacular pack and i am glad this is one of the maps they are redoing.  this map is perfect for oddball and ctf although flat out slayer is still loads of fun.  i can't wait to see what else they have in store for us.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Bungie News

Competitive Multiplayer

Bungie released the Official Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Trailer this week with some awesome gameplay of their PvP matches. They also showcased the different game types that will come with the game.

I can't wait until September 9th.  Bungie if you could send me an advanced copy I would be in your debt. No?  Well it was worth a try.  I know there are mixed feelings out there about the multiplayer being shipped but I loved it.  I can't wait to get in there and showcase my lack of FPS prowess to the world.  Here are the game types in the video as well as the descriptions they released:


Small team tactics.  Kill the enemy.  Revive teammates.


Kill everything.  Watch your back.


Salvage Relics. Kill enemy players.  Revive teammates.


All-out team warfare.  Destroy the enemy.

Combined Arms

All-out team warfare with vehicles. Destroy the enemy.


Capture Zones to increase points for every kill.

Iron Banner

Power Matters. Earn epic rewards & gear.

More than enough enough to keep me satisfied for a long time to come that combined with story mode, strikes, and raids I will find it very hard to put my controller down. 22 days and counting...

Mars Attacks!

On top of releasing the Competitive Multiplayer trailer, Bungie released the Mars trailer. Some people felt they would like to see more but how much footage can they release without giving away one too many secrets.

It looks glorious and I can't wait to go an explore the vast solar system for all its riches with all of you.  I will have the game as soon as I get home from Gamestop's midnight release.  So if you see me on and want to join me be sure to send me an invite.

Midland Base News

Leaders Wanted

With Destiny less then a month away we are in need of leaders. We will be fully supporting Destiny and will continue to support Halo. However with the limited number of leaders we have now the choices for what games will be played during Game Night might change and go by the way side. It is up to the leaders to decide in which game they will play. So if you want to make sure the game you want to play gets the attention you think it deserves or if you just want to help make sure this group stays as awesome as it is, please volunteer here. Make sure you give the responsibilities a good read to make sure it is something you will be able to do.


The Grifball team is still very much alive and it is more fun then ever. It is a lot more fun to go into matchmaking having a team that is all talking to each other and having a good time. We need your help though. The more people who join us, the more fun we can have. If you feel like smashing some peoples heads in with a Gravity Hammer or Would like the opportunity to craft you skill as the Grif, running the ball in and scoring the "touchdown" as it were then join up. If you are terrible at Grifball but want to enjoy playing on a team (like me) I assure you skill means nothing to us, just that you have a fun time, please join us. We still meet every Friday and you can join in Friday game night right after. And you still get some bling for being on the team. If you are interested then sign up here. Two practices a month nets you the sweet medal.

Midland Base Clan

There is still plenty of time to sign up in our Bungie.net clan. We have room for all of you there. This will be the way we do official Destiny game nights with both Crucible and Raids. To sign up and get help check out this thread and make sure you sign up before September 9th. (note: you can sign up after September 9th but you will not be able to play in official Destiny game nights without being in our clan). If you sign up before 9/9/14 and you played in the beta you can get this sweet bling for your war chest.

Member Spotlight

Your member of the week is Ec1ip53! He does a lot of work making sure you all enjoy your stay here at Midland Base. He is your number 2 in command and while Dredd is on vacation he leads in his stead. Ec1ip53 we appreciate everything you do for us and congrats. Make sure to mosey on over to his wall and leave him your thanks too.

Fresh Meat

Some great new faces here at Midland Base and they all hit the ground running. Welcome Go Homer Die, OUTLAWs BOUNTY, and yourdaddy0314. We look forward to getting to know you all better.

Feature Forum

This week's featured forum is Funny Picture Thread. Seen a funny picture that made you laugh that you just got to share with us? Having a down day and need a pick-me-up? Or just want to have a good laugh. Head on over there and let the laughs roll. For a little taste of what's in there check out this week's moment of zen.

Game Day/Night Attendance

Friday Game Night hosted by Ec1ip53:

Ec1ip53, Chipk77, Silient Hit86, BattleBug85, Mongo 50, Outlaws Bounty, TurboDew, Shocking Results, and YourDaddy0314.

Saturday Game Day hosted by Poetepoet:

Poetepoet and AnimeManicFan.

Saturday Game Night hosted by Chipk77:

Chipk77, I Use Precison, ChickenMnkyDuck, Outlaws Bounty, Wetz689, Itz A Boomerx, and Shocking Results.

Sunday Game Day hosted by Silient Hit86:

Silient Hit86, AnimeManicFan, Shocking Results, CovSmasher, Outlaws Bounty, and Receptor 17.

Caption Contest Winner Week #169: Woutertubie!

Screen Shot by Crazy343

Want to see your screenshot focused in an upcoming caption Contest? Be sure to submit it in the Screenshot thread. Also, stop by to vote on week 170 and leave a caption for week 171.

Here it is, your moment of Zen...

Another week closer to Destiny my friends. Be Brave. Soon we will be zipping across the Solar System together.

Don’t forget to head over to the discussion page to leave your comments about this weeks news and to vote in the poll. If you have anything you would like to see or anything I can do to improve the update let me know. Until next week.


Midland Base Weekly Update August 11, 2014

Welcome to another installment of the Midland Base Weekly Update.  I am once again your tour guide on the safari of Halo and Destiny news.  Please remember to keep your arms and legs inside the update until the news comes to a full and complete stop (at least this weeks news).  On this adventure you can expect to see the Halo Bulletin, Bungie Weekly Update, and if you are very quiet some Midland News as well.  This is a real news safari so due be careful and remember to not feed the ninjas.  Now that safety concerns have been addressed lets get this update moving.

343i News

Slow week for Halo news but there is some stuff coming up in the very near future with Gamescom happening this week.  They will be showcasing Halo: MCC multiplayer and reveal another updated Halo 2 map for the Halo 2 anniversary edition.  They will be live streaming the event, so if you are not fortunate to be at Gamescom then you will still be able to see what’s going down.

Halo Bulletin

This week they discussed their plans for Gamescom where they will mostly be showing off Halo: MCC multiplayer gameplay.  They will be allowing attendees play it for the first time allowing those of us not able to go to the Gamescom to watch gameplay via live stream at twitch.tv/halo.  The briefing for the event will be this Tuesday @ 5am PDT (7am CDT).  They will also have Bonnie Ross, Dan Ayoub, and Kiki Wolfkill streaming on Wednesday @ 2am PDT (4am CDT) with some behind the scenes wor at 343i.  

They will also be showing off an as yet to be revealed updated Halo 2 map that will be featured in the MCC.  Sunday they will be streaming a tournament on Ascension and the yet to be seen map, where some lucky players will have a chance at winning a share of $10,000 cash prize.  You will be able to watch the tournament at twitch.tv/halo on Sunday, August 17 at 1:30am to 8am PDT (3:30-10am CDT).  Finally some times our European members don’t have to stay up all night to see (although us stateside will have to).  If this is too early for you I am sure they will have the videos on youtube some time after airing but there is no mention in the update of them doing this.  If they do post the videos, rest assured their will be a thread in the forums with easy access to them.

Also featured this week in the bulletin are 2 screenshots by our own RECEPTOR 17.  If you’re new here, Receptor is frequently featured in the screenshot section of the Halo Bulletin and we couldn’t be prouder.  Kudos again Receptor!

Chasing Blue

Cascading Down

Bungie News

This week at Bungie there are great images of Sky Art, we hear a fond farewell from our Guardians, and a sack of mail is opened.  With September 9th less then a month away, it is getting more and more exciting for me to see what little tid bits they will be releasing that the beta had locked away from prying eyes.

The Skywriters of Destiny

This week Bungie showed off a time-lapsed video of their "Sky Art” with a little Q&A mixed in as well.  Bungie is a big fan of really pushing the boundaries with in game art.  For those of us who remember the old days of Halo, one of their favorite things to talk about was water.  They were constantly telling us about the intricacies and beauty for the water in Halo.  From graphics to having dead Spartans floating and drifting in water until the suits filled up with enough water to slowly sink to the bottom.  Well now their new favorite topic of discussion is the sky box and rightly so.  Many of us got to enjoy their hard work during the beta, and if you were like me, there was a lot of stopping and taking in the sights.  For me the sights were as breath taking as the music.  

The skies are dynamic and beautiful.  Having an accelerate real time night and day change is something new to Bungie and really adds an amazing element to the art with awe inspiring sunrises and sunsets second only to the real deal.  It may not be considered a manly thing to enjoy sunrises and sunsets in this day and age but I enjoy watching them with my wife all the same.  Having them in Destiny is just an added benefit to what looks like the game of they year for me.  

Why spend so much time on the sky box if all we are really doing is killing the enemies of the Earth and Traveler you might ask, to help you really feel immersed in the world of Destiny.  Many off us enjoy booting up our consoles to escape the stress and pressures of this world and want to get lost in another universe where we are the last guardians of humanity.  Making sure that every detail in game is pushing you to that conclusion is a welcomed addition.

There are a few questions DeeJ asked Mark Goldsworthy about the "Sky Art” as Mark calls it and you should really take a look at them.  My favorite question and answer is this:

DeeJ: Since this is the biggest world we’ve ever built for our players to explore, was your work on Destiny different than what you created in previous Bungie games?

Mark: We’d created great skies in Reach, but we wanted to incorporate ever-changing lighting and atmospherics in Destiny. Transitioning from day to night with clouds, sunrises, and sunsets was the goal. We wanted them to be visually stunning and unique to each planet. Additionally, we layered in unique planetary sky and terrain elements to expand our universe. Above all else, the skies needed to be epic.

Indeed they are epic Mark.  Great job on the skies we’ve seen so far and I can’t wait to see the rest come September.  Make sure to read the rest of the Q&A here.

Weekly Update

A lot of people keeping asking whether or not the beta was for real or just a PR stunt to get people interested in Destiny.  Bungie assures us that it was for real and that changes are being made because of it.  So much so that our beta guardians are being dismissed.  Most of us knew this would be the case as no Bungie beta has ever carried over.  Despite me knowing this I still insisted on storing up some goodies that I got during my adventures, in part due to some of the cryptic talk they hand about whether or not they would be doing such a thing.  People seem to be a little upset over this but we have to keep in mind that the beta was just that, a test of their game not an early access to it.  

Bungie states there are many reasons why keeping the guardians just can’t happen including minor tweaks, item additions and removals, new features toggled, etc.  Even though there might not be one big reason to do it all the little things add up.  But I say don’t fret my friends, yes it would have been nice to have a jump start on the day of the release but after a few days of playing I doubt we’ll even care.  We will be getting rare, legendary and exotic items that the uncommon items will seem common in comparison.  Those same times would just be burning a hole in our vault pockets.  And truthfully, I want the joy of a fresh start come game day.  But still I would like to have us take a moment of silence for our fallen guardians.  Although we were only together for a short few days; you, my Hunter, will be dearly missed.  We had some good times together, and I look forward to playing with your successor.

We are not allow in our loss dear friends, Bungie too had to wipe their guardian slate clean.  This caused the employees to take some farewell screenshots of their guardians which allowed us to see this sweet pic of a Warlock.  For those of you who were underwhelmed with the Warlock’s Bond check out his arm.  All in all I think we are in for a treat when it comes to any of the classes and the unique armor choices.  I get bored from time to time in Halo with the armor I am wearing and play Spartan dress up to switch things up, so I am really looking forward to seeing what armor options I get to make my brave hero look totally bad-a**!

Bungie will also be making an appearance at Gamescom.  Although they have not announced any big news being released there rest assured there will be some new info dropped and we’ll make sure you know about it in next week’s update.

Mail Sack

There wasn’t a whole lot of questions answered this week but here are my 2 favorite.  You can see the rest here.

Admiral Apricot – Weren't the Exploration activities called Patrols once? What happened to that name?

DeeJ – Names change. Sometimes they change on a whim. Sometimes they change as a result of impassioned feedback and careful soul-searching. Sometimes they even change back. We’re willing to wager that your name wasn’t always Admiral Apricot – and that it isn’t always that all the time.

PhNx Hellfire – Do any of you Bungie employees have any secrets left you will tell us before launch?

DeeJ – Watch what happens at gamescom. We’ll be interrogated all week. It’s a good chance that we’ll crack under questioning and tell you something that you want to know.

Midland Base News

Leaders Wanted

With Destiny less then a month away we are in need of leaders.  We will be fully supporting Destiny and will continue to support Halo.  However with the limited number of leaders we have now the choices for what games will be played during Game Night might change and go by the way side.  It is up to the leaders to decide in which game they will play.  So if you want to make sure the game you want to play gets the attention you think it deserves or if you just want to help make sure this group stays as awesome as it is, please volunteer here.  Make sure you give the responsibilities a good read to make sure it is something you will be able to do.


Although the Bellwethers are no longer playing in the GGL we are far from gone.  We have a new dynamic schedule in place by BattleBug and we are having a blast.  Last Friday we hammered some randoms in Halo: Reach quite literally.  We won 8 games in a row and one very close defeat at the end.  We had a blast playing.  So if you love Grifball or just want to play with a group of fellow Midland Basers and have fun then sign up here.  We would love to have you with us.

Also Bug is kicking around the idea of having a Grifball tournament so I will keep you updated on that as details are hammered out.

New Bling

Dredd has issued a new and, if I do say so myself, pretty sweet looking medal.  This bad boy will be added to your war chest if you played in the Destiny beta and are a member of the Midland Base Clan.  If you meet these requirements then you are entitled to ask for it here.  Played in the beta but you’re not a member of our clan?  Then head on over to our clan page and make sure to join up.  Here is the forum post to help get you all the info you need in signing up.

Member Spotlight

This weeks featured member is AnimeManicFan!  Every time I see his gamertag I think of Animaniacs for some crazy reason.  Back to how awesome he is.  Anime is a great member and a joy to game with.  If you haven’t had the pleasure to play with him yet make sure to do so.  You are always guaranteed to have fun when he is in your party.  Congrats Anime!

Fresh Meat

We have a new member this week.  Make sure to give a big Midland Base welcome to theoneandonlydc.

Feature Forum

Just watched a sweet new movie you want to tell us about?  Regretted watching a movie and want to warn us to stay away?  Just watched your favorite movie for the millionth time and can’t wait to tell us about it?  Work your way to Movie thread II and let us know all about it.

Game Day/Night Attendance

Friday Game Night hosted by Ec1ip53:

Ec1ip53, Chipk77, I use Precision, StormQuakeHydra, Dredd1973,and Itz a xboomerx.

Saturday Game Day hosted by Poetepoet:

Poetepoet, battlebug85, Dredd1973, B1o6, TurboDew, and AnimeManicFan.

Saturday Game Night hosted by Chipk77:

Chipk77, Dredd1973, and TurbowDew.

Sunday Game Day hosted by BattleBug85:

battlebug85, AnimeManicFan, B1o6, and CRAZY343.

Caption Contest Winner Week #168: Dredd1973!

Screen Shot by Ignis451

Want to see your screenshot focused in an upcoming caption Contest? Be sure to submit it in the Screenshot thread. Also, stop by to vote on week 169 and leave a caption for week 170.

Here it is, your moment of Zen...

And that is the end of the news safari.  Be sure to grab any and all personal items as you exit the update and use the trash receptacles as needed.  Be sure to tune in next week for more on what’s going down in the gaming world.

Don’t forget to head over to the discussion page to leave your comments about this weeks news and to vote in the poll.  If you have anything you would like to see or anything I can do to improve the update let me know.  Until next week.


Midland Base Weekly Update August 4, 2014

Another week past, and another weekly update for you to enjoy.  A relatively quite week compared to last week’s beta and Comic-Con fueled update, but there is still some excellent news to brief you on none the less.  We got some interesting facts about Destiny beta.   They also put some images up for all you fans who like cosplaying.  343i put out their video panel on the Master Chief Collection for Xbox One.  They also show us a heads up on some matchmaking update.  And as for our news, we have some changes to the Midland Bellwethers and a couple of Destiny beta montages you really got to see.  So enough summarizing, lets get into it.

343i - Halo News

Halo Bulletin

There was not as much in this bulletin as last week but still some good tasty info.  There was another post of the old video about Halo: Nightfall (see below to last weeks update for video) but they did add their Master Chief Collection panel with a lot of awesome info.  When I first heard about Halo: MCC I was not as interested as after I watched the video.  If you have an Xbox One you should really consider getting this game.  I remember waiting every week since they announced Halo 2 until they launched just hoping to get a glimpse of what Bungie had in store for us.  10 years later 343 has gotten me excited for Halo 2 again. 

In Halo: CE Anniversary they redid the rendering and made it gorgeous but the cutscenes where only a polish to existing framework.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great to look at what might have been if Halo: CE was made for 360.  This time around they really upped the ante with rendered cutscenes with motion and face capture.  They go into detail the process that entailed the whole look and Frankie told us why they went with Blur to do it as a treat for us fans.  I can’t wait until I get to see all the cutscenes (I don’t have an Xbox One so I will have to wait until someone puts it up on youtube).

They also had Max Hoberman from Certain Affinity on hand to tell us how they approached Halo 2’s original matchmaking as well as the care they put into keeping things as close to original in the MCC.  He was the reason for a lot of the features Halo 2 matchmaking on Live had.  When Live was in it’s infancy it was far from user friendly (kind of like how PSN still is) and the concepts he had for Halo 2’s matchmaking didn’t even have a model to build upon that others could understand.  Having your friends list integrated into the game, partying up with random others you felt you played well with, and being able to just keep playing without having to select matchmaking again.

Halo 2 was ground breaking for a lot of the features we take for granted in many other games on Live.  But more to the fact, when Halo 2 went offline a lot of people were sad to see it go myself included.  Having Halo 2 matchmaking back as well as being able to play Halo: CE for the first time on Live not to mention over 100 maps is more than enough reason to add this game to any Halo fans library.  "Over 100 maps?” you might ask; that is all multiplayer maps from Halo: CE (Xbox & PC), Halo 2 (Xbox & PC), Halo 3, and Halo 4.  They also make mention that you will be able to choose which map form which version of the game you want by voting on your choice.

Make sure to watch the video as there is a lot of information to get you excited in buying the game.  So don’t take my word for it, watch the video.


Starting today there will be racing in Halo 4 with community maps.  Get on a Mongoose and feel the need… the need for speed.  Come on, I had to, you know I did.  I have done some racing with a lot of you fellow Midland Basers and even though I truly suck at it, I always had a blast doing it.  Now if we can only figure out had to fire our weapons while riding on the ATV, we could have some serious racing the likes we haven’t seen since Road Rash (you remember that oldie but goodie? I do).  To check out the maps click on the links found in the Halo bulletin.

There are also some community maps added to the team slayer hopper as well.  I do like that the hard work of the community is recognized.  Not often does the general public get to have their own contributions recognized by big time game companies but 343 really is trying hard in some aspects to listen to their community.  Now if we could only get them to listen to other stuff we say…

Bungie News

Artist Reference Portal

Some of you out there like doing the cosplay and have dabbled in some Destiny guardian dress-up.  But with limited photos it is hard to make a truly accurate representation.  Well you are in luck.  Bungie released some very detailed renderings of their in game guardians, ghosts and some weapons.  Including a detailed look at Thorn the exotic Hand Canon that has been making a lot of TSA agents worry.  This is also helpful for those of you out there who fancy yourselves artists.  I am completely rubbish when it comes to art but a lot of people here are talented and will make some awesome pieces I’m sure.  If you do decide to do some Destiny art or cosplay send me the pictures and I just might find a place for them in future updates.

Weekly Update

Bungie had some great numbers for their beta and if you joined in on the fun you probably can see why.  Bungie are big fans of stats and numbers so of course they put them in a nice, neat pic for all to see.  The best one being that 777 thousand people used the phone app to help guide them in their endeavors.  I was one of them, and I can tell you it was nice to have those features at my fingertips. It is a free app for the iOS and Android tablets/phones so make sure you download it before September 9th.  Another big number was 853,235 concurrent players playing at one time during the beta.  That’s more then another game they have made including finalized versions of said games.  That’s a lot of guardians in a little tower.  

Bungie also let us know that there is yet another emblem nameplate exclusively set for players of the beta who wrestled the centipede and lost.  This was an in game error message that popped up if you were kicked off the network for some crazy reason.  This happened to a few people during the week but happened to most who decided to play the game to it’s last dying breath.  If you want to see the other one you could get for playing on Saturday 26th at 2pm PST just check out my last update.  This one is for wrestling that good ol’ centipede, whatever that means.

Mail Sack

Their were a couple questions worth noting:

"ScytheNL - Can I delete the Beta or will there be something for me on 9/9?

DeeJ - You are free to delete the Beta.  It has served it’s purpose.  Free up your drive space.”

"Sowryn - Will there be cross generation play?  Say I have friends on Xbox 360, will I be able to play with them if I upgrade to Xbox One?

DeeJ - When you migrate to a new generation, your Guardian will follow you, so long as you stick to your platform. Your friends will need to follow you, too. Every box gets a unique version of Destiny, lovingly optimized for the specific platform.”

With that last one we can of already knew with the beta.  As I was unable to play with those of you who played only on Xbox One and I am still on 360.  But there is confirmation that the end game will not be cross generation either.

Midland Base News

Leaders Wanted

We are still looking for good people to lead us into the next generation of Midland Base with the multiple game support.  If you are interested in leading and helping us usher in this new exciting era, please make sure to read the requirements of a leader and if it still interests you to join the awesome Head Shed as it is known sign up here.


The Midland Bellwethers have recently decided to leave the GGL for many reasons.  Although I’m sure this decision did not come easy this is not the end for the Bellwethers.  We are still going to meet and practice but now we will be taking the butt kicking to Halo 4 and Reach matchmaking.  There is still no skill level you must obtain to join, it is all about having fun.  And let me tell you, there is no greater fun the having a cohesive team having fun playing against 4 randoms.  So if you would like to join the Bellwethers, make sure you let BattleBug know here.

Beta Montage

We have a couple new montages I would like to feature here for all to see.  One from our fearless leader and one from our XO. They are a great glimpse into the Beta and all of the fun we had.  You can even watch in the XO’s video what happens if you decide going AFK is safe.  Pro tip: it isn’t.

By Dredd1973

By Ec1ip53

Member Spotlight

Even though EncryptedKnight has been here for only a little over a week, he has been turning heads here at Midland Base.  It is refreshing to see someone so new really get involved early in our group.  Make sure to let him know just how much we appreciate that here at Midland Base!

Midland Base Clan

We have a clan at Bungie and need you to go and sign up for it.  It’s a very easy process and will show all those other clans you are proud to be a Midland Base member.  To find out how to join check out the official thread.  Make sure to do it sooner rather than latter, no one like a procrastinator.

Fresh Meat

We have 2 new members who have just arrived.  Make sure to give them a warm welcome: Velarage and Scattrbrained.

Featured Forum

IGN - Level 29 Titan Demo

You thought I might not mention the awesome video showcasing the awesome Titan at level 29?  Nope, I was just saving it for you to go here and watch it and let us know your thoughts.

Game Day/Night Attendance

Friday Game Night hosted by Ec1ip53:

Ec1ip53, Wetz689, FunkyChickenLvr, Itz a xboomerx, GatlinMcArthur, ChickenMnkyDuck, B106, Crazy343, and Chipk77.

Saturday Game Day hosted by Poetepoet:

Poetepoet, battlebug85, SpaceyRose, Dredd1973, Velarage, B1o6, and CovSmasher.

Saturday Game Night hosted by Chipk77:

Chipk77, B106, I Use Precision, Dredd1973, Velarage, Wetz689, MendicantBias21, FunkyChickenLvr, ChickenMnkyDuck, and Mongo 50.

Sunday Game Day hosted by BattleBug85:

battlebug85, SpaceyRose, shockingresults, and EncryptedKnight.

Caption Contest Winner Week 167: Chipk77!

Screenshot by Covsmasher

Here it is your moment of Zen...

Well that is it for this week folks.  Make sure to tune in next week when we do this again, you know, with other information.  Now here comes that mother chuff of a... wait, wrong catch phrase. Actually, I don't have a catch phrase.  

To do list:

#1 Get catch phrase

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Midland Base Weekly Update July 28, 2014

Hello all my friends, new and old.  It is great to be back and to be to updating again.  I can now once again proudly display my Team Update badge (it is an invisible badge but one I enjoy wearing).  And what a great week to be back too.  We have a lot of stuff pouring in from 343 about Halo: Master Chief Collection, Halo: Nightfall, and more; and Bungie had their Beta for Xbox 360 and Xbox One with lots of praise from some (yours truly) and some concern from others.  Their was a lot of information leaked this week, so much so, you might have missed some.  Don’t worry, I got you covered.  There is a lot to go over, so pull up a chair, put on the kettle, pour yourself a cup of Earl Grey and let’s get to it. 

343 - Halo News

343 Industries made a big appearance at Comic-Con this week showing fans of the Halo Universe a lot of love.  Showing use more info on Halo: MCC for Xbox One with an announcement of one of my personally favorite maps.  They also gave us a glimpse of the soon to be released Halo: Nightfall, the live action mini-series.  And another graphic novel has been released.

Halo: Master Chief Collection (Xbox One)

Most of you know by now the big announcement of bringing Halo:CE Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4 to the Xbox One if not, where have you been, we missed you.  You can read more details here.  What they have recently announced was a great new polish on an old favorite map of mine Zanzibar.  

Now I have been playing Halo since the days of Halo:CE on the original Xbox and have been a fan ever since.  I have played on all the Halo multiplayer maps (including the ones from the PC versions) and this one has always been my favorite.  I even loved when they announced that it would be remade for Halo 3 as Last Resort.  I could play Halo 2 on Zanzibar for the rest of my life and be quite content.  Alas they shut down the Halo 2 servers and my heart broke.  So the announcement of the map made me wish I could afford an Xbox One.  For those of you fortunate to have one this might be reason enough to purchase Halo: MCC, it would be for me.  Make sure to let us know what you think about it in the discussion thread linked below.

They also released a look at some cut scenes from Halo 2: anniversary with some of the most life like cinematics in Halo history.  It looks like they really worked hard on them to make it look well on the new console and gives me high hopes to the realism I hope they achieve for Halo 5: Guardians.  I am including the video below for your viewing enjoyment.  Prepare for jaw drop in 3… 2… 1…

Halo: Nightfall

So on top of the Halo tv series produced by Steven Spielberg, 343i had announced Halo: Nightfall by producer Ridley Scott.  At Comic-Con this week they showed us a glimpse into the series with this trailer.  Many people have been begging for a Halo movie and with the success they had with Halo: Forward Unto Dawn it is no surprise they want to continue their success with more series.  And I say Kudos.  I like reading the books and I have a lot of them to read (I highly recommend them too, most of them are very well written), but sometimes I just want to sit back on the couch with some popcorn and let the visional mastery commence.  It was very bittersweet back in the days of Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach when all we had was glorious 1-3 min live-action commercials, whiting we could have so much more.  And who could forget the announced Halo movie that never gained traction.  Well the leaders of 343i have heard our cries and I couldn’t be more excited.

Halo: Nightfall will follow the origin story of ONI Agent Locke.  You may remember him from the cover of Halo 5: Guardians.  It will take place on two locations, an outer human colony planet and then on a piece of the Halo Master Chief blew up.  It will be a 5 part series and will help lead up to the events of Halo 5.  Frankie assured us though that it will not be necessary to watch to understand Halo 5 kind of like Halo: FUD and Halo 4.  Here is the link to watch the panel at Comic-Con but beware there are a couple of spoilers for Halo 5 mixed in.

Halo: Escalation #8

343i has announced Halo: Escalation #8 "The Next 72 Hours - Part 1” is available for purchase.  As I said before I have several of the Halo series books including a few of their graphic novels.  Personally I love them.  I have been a fan of comic books since I was a young dew and was particularly of a big fan of Spider-man but that is for another discussion.  Having one of my favorite games in the form that feeds the nostalgic kid in me is great.  Especially on page 5 with a great Master Chief joke, I hope this one is a real page turner.  It looks like this particular book is taken right after the events of Halo 4 so if you are desperate for more Halo and can’t wait until next years release this might be able to help tide you over (along with Halo: Nightfall).

Halo Bulletin

Most of the Halo Bulletin was them setting up for Comic-Con but there were a few Halo: Nightfall screen shots and this beauty made it’s way to the weekly screenshots of Supressors entitled "Grid Roar” by our RECEPTOR 17.  Kudos again brother.

Bungie News

This week was a very eventful one with the release of the Destiny Beta.  Many of you joined in on the beta on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and one way or another learned a lot about the game good or bad.  Personally I had a blast, I haven’t been this excited in a game for a very long time.  There was a lot to be learned and I am glad I got to play with a lot of you.  Since lets get in depth on what happened over at Bungie.

Vanguard Armory

If you plan on pre-ordering Destiny or have already done so, I myself have the Limited Edition bought and paid for, you will get early access to the Vanguard Armory.  This will include some heavy hitting weapons and and class specific helmet to get you started day one kicking butt and taking names, mines TurboDew.  Most of us know now what a great weapon can do for us when fighting out there and how hard it is sometimes to get the weapons we need to get the job done.  This should be a great way to start hurting the Fallen early.

Destiny Beta

The beta is over, and sadly we have little over a month to wait until the full game ships but we will get through this together, I promise.  There truly is too much information out there on the beta and I am afraid that I was to go into extreme detail I would need just an update specific for it on all I learned.  I started a thread about my thoughts on a few things here when I started the beta and you are welcome to look it over and either agree or disagree on what I have put down.  Let us know what you thought of the beta there, we are interested to know your thoughts as well.

The beta did give us insight as to what Bungie has in store for us.  Some of us were very happy with what we saw and for others have some doubts.  I have talked with a lot of members while playing and it’s important to note that this was just a taste of what’s to come.  I personally loved the game and was on it with Wetz and elDewman until we were kicked of the server by Bungie.  I look forward to missions, crucible, strikes, raids and just general fun with all of you.  

The biggest thing I enjoyed in all of this was the story mode.  I have played co-op on a lot of the Halos before (as well as other games) but Destiny’s co-op really did it for me.  I enjoyed the story mode so much more with a couple more Guardian’s by my side.  If when the game drops on September 9th you find yourself needing a Hunter by your side, send me an invite and I am there.

It was surprising to me also how much I liked all the different classes in their own way.  I had a feeling I would like the Hunter the most and was glad to see that while I enjoyed the Titan and Warlock I really felt most comfortable with the Hunter.  Let us know in the discussion, link below, if the class you where most excited for pre-beta is still the one you plan to start with come launch day.

If you were lucky enough to be on from 2-4pm PST then you might have been through the first mission on the moon.  It was a blast for me, I did it a couple times with a few different people and even did some exploration during the moon of the area we are to explore.  There was definitely some interesting things to see, my favorite was the Earth in the background.  I was ready to look for Neil’s first step or play around of golf but there were Fallen and Hive to put in check.  

There is so much more to discuss and so much more to see.  There is a whole forum ready for your thoughts just waiting to see what you think of Bungie’s latest game.

Bungie Weekly Update

Most of what was in the update pertained to the beta.  Although a one of the things mention was an exclusive nameplate to show all that you were one of the brave many to play the Destiny Beta.  If you have played Halo since the days of Halo 2 you know that Bungie has been big on making nameplates better and better.  With Halo 2 and 3 the nameplates were a simple seventh column emblem that showed you we a part of bungie.net.  With Halo reach they took it one step further with some awesome and slightly rare nameplates to show the others how big a Halo fan you were.  Now we can see there are a lot more nameplates to really show your individuality.  So make sure you hang onto this one to dawn it from time to time and show people you were brave enough to step forward and help make Destiny a better game.

There is also mention of a certain Interceptor being tuned for the final game.  This vehicle was a double edge sword, it was awesome if you were piloting it laying waste to all those who dare get in your way, but was a little to daunting if you were on the other end struggling to bring this behemoth down.  Bungie states they are looking into how to make this vehicle less of a menace, hopefully they don’t tweak it so much that it is little more than a paperweight on the moon.

Midland Base News

Leaders Wanted

How awesome is this group we are apart of.  I was very fortunate to have my friend FunkyChickenLvr (he’s a lover not a liver) to get me to join.  We have a very nice laid back feel where people can come and forget the stresses of the world and have a great time laughing, joking, and killing a few other Spartans (only good blue is a dead blue).  We have game nights, people helping others get old achievements, forums to express ourselves and much more.  This doesn’t happen by accident.  We have a group of very dedicated members who choose to lead and make this an enjoyable experience for all, but we need your help.  If you are willing to be such a person please make sure to read the responsibilities to make sure it is a good fit for you.  If it looks like it is something you are willing to do let us know here.


Midland Bellwethers are in need of some players.  If you are great at Grifball or just want a fun team to play with let BattleBug now here.  No experience required.  Just a willingness to play with a good attitude.  You also get some sweet bling on your membership medals.

Member Spotlight

If you are new here you might not yet have had the pleasure of meeting SpaceyRose but for those who have been around while you know how great a person she is.  She has been a great leader leading out Saturday Game Night and has been helping out BattleBug with Grifball team.  You deserve it Spacey for all you have done to make this group great!

Midland Base Clan

Midland Base has a clan for Bungie’s Destiny and we need you!  All you need to do is join the Midland Base group on bungie.net.  Once Dredd approves you for the group make sure to log back in, visit our group page, and click join clan.  If you are already a member of our group on bnet, make sure to log in and click join clan.  Make sure to join our clan before September 9th!  If you have any questions make sure to ask them here.


Our dear friend and leader Chipk77 has been promoted to Enduring Leader.  This is the first Full Leader rank and means Chip has proven himself worthy to lead.  He is a hard worker and a great person to play with.  Make sure you congratulate him on this momentous occasion and let him know how much you appreciate his hard work.  Congrats Chip, I know you will continue to do great.

Fresh Meat

We have few returning members and one new member.  Make sure we welcome them with open arms and show them how awesome it is to be members of Midland Base.  Welcome EncyrptedKnight and welcome back Ignis451, I Use Precision, and Crazy343.

Featured Forum

Still got Destiny on the brain?  Need to talk about all the stuff you saw and enjoyed (or maybe didn't enjoy so much)?  There is a whole forum just for Destiny.  Make sure to check out the threads and leave your own comments.  Some discussion not yet being had?  Go ahead and click that New Thread button and start up a conversation we can all enjoy.

Game Day/Night Attendance

Game day attendance is the best way to get to know your fellow members and, in my opinion, is one of the best parts of being a member here.  Remember the more support we get for game nights the better the experience for all.

Friday Game Night hosted by Ec1ip53 (Halo 4):

Ec1ip53, B106, Chipk77, I Use Precision, TurboDew, Mongo 50, Silient Hit86, and GatlingMcArthur

Friday Game Night hosted by Dredd1973 (Destiny-Xbox One):

Dredd1973 and Wetz689

Saturday Game Day hosted by Poetepoet and BattleBug85 (Destiny-Xbox 360):

battlebug85, Poetepoet, B106, TurboDew, Lenfest and RECEPTOR 17

Saturday Game Day hosted by Dredd1973 (Destiny-Xbox One):

Dredd1973, Ec1ip53, Wetz689, and Animemanicfan

Saturday Game Night hosted by SpaceyRose (Halo 4):

SpaceyRose, BattleBug85, Ec1ip53, Silient Hit86, TurboDew, Chipk77, I Use Precision, Dredd1973, and Mongo 50

Sunday Game Day hosted by Silient Hit86 (Halo Reach):

Silient Hit86, TurboDew, BattleBug85, SpaceyRose, Crazy343, Poetepoet, and Dredd1973

Caption Contest Winner: ArtofRuin27!

Screenshot by SpaceyRose

Here again, your moment of Zen…

Well that is all from me this week my friends, make sure to tip your waiters and waitresses.  Until next week my friends.

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