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Hey everybody,

Ec1ip53 here, on the back end of when the weekly update can come out but I've been busy! Anyways, let's get to the meat and potatoes (the good stuff).

This week you'll find:

Halo News

  • Comic Con San Diego
  • Big Team Battle SWAT
  • Halo Car in Forza
  • Screenshot Spotlights
Destiny News
  • Alphas and Betas….oh my
  • Official Game Play trailer
  • Alpha links to TwitchTV

Midland Base News

  • Leaders wanted
  • Game Night attendance
  • New members

Halo News

Some stuff is right around the corner! So here goes:

Comic Con San Diego

The first look of Halo: Nightfall will be teased at Comic Con San Diego this weekend, as well as an overall Master Chief Collection panel. What goodies lie in wait for us? We'll just have to wait and see! Less than a week away!

Big Team Battle SWAT

The newest playlist in the Halo 4 rotation is Big Team Battle SWAT, and I couldn't be more excited, personally. Last time it was in was the last time I got a perfection. Who's ready to do this sucker?

Halo Car in Forza

It looks like there is a new Forza car in town with a Halo 5 skin! The description was a little ambiguous, so if anybody has any additional details (as I don't play Forza), please feel free to enlighten us!

Screenshot Spotlight: Quarterback

Winning screenshots featured Spartans throwing a ball in oddball or richochet. To me, it seemed like they didn't really try this week, as two different users got THREE winning screenshots each. The hell? Anyways, for a chance to get your screenshot featured next week, take screenshots of one of the most underwhelming weapons in Halo 4: the Suppressor.


Destiny News

2 days away from the Destiny Beta! I hope you're ready...


The level cap for the beta will be level 8. Also, keep in mind that for the Playstation, day 1 of the beta was primarily stuck on sorting out code and download issues, so just keep that in mind. If it ends up not being a problem for you, great!

Midland Base News

Leaders wanted

As I stated last week, the leaders of Midland Base have recently learned that Spacey Rose will unfortunately have to step down from her leadership role as of the start of August. This means that THERE WILL BE NO SATURDAY GAMENIGHT UNLESS WE CAN START GETTING SOME NEW LEADERS. So check use out if you're interested. We need new blood, or else Midland Base's events will start shutting down.

Game Night attendance

Friday Gamenight 7-18-14 Hosted by Ec1ip53

Ec1ip53, Chipk77, Lenfest, B1o6, Silient Hit86, and Mongo 50.

Saturday Classic 7-19-14 Hosted by BattleBug85

BattleBug85, ArtofRuin, Silient Hit86, AnimeManicFan, CovSmasher, B1o6, and Itz a xboomerx.

Saturday Gamenight 7-19-14 Hosted by SpaceyRose

SpaceyRose, ArtofRuin27, Chipk77, Zzamorac, and B1o6.

Sunday Classic 7-20-14 Hosted by Silient Hit86

Silient Hit86, ArtofRuin27, TurboDew, Poetepoet, B1o6, and Dredd1973.

New members

Welcome StormQuakeHydra, Halorecon714, and JAB993!

Note: this transmission will self destruct in 3... 2... 1... discuss -

Hey guys and gals! 

Ec1ip53 here, back at the helm as your Weekly Update host again. It's been a while, but I think we all knew that I couldn't stay away, eh? Well, strap in; it's time to be informed!

This week you'll find:

Halo News

  • MCC Control Scheme
  • Changes to H2 Anniversary
  • Playlist Change: SWAGnums
  • Screenshot Spotlights
Destiny News
  • Alphas and Betas….oh my
  • Official Game Play trailer
  • Alpha links to TwitchTV

Midland Base News

  • Leaders wanted
  • Game Night attendance
  • New members

Halo News

We just passed RTX (that's the Rooster Teeth Expo, for those of you not "in the know") and we got some really cool new  information about the Master Chief collection! So let's dive right in:

MCC Control Scheme

You'll be able to chance the control scheme for each game so you can make them as similar or as different as you want. They haven't said if they've made it 100% customizable or not yet, but that appears to be the indication.

Chances to H2 Anniversary

In the MCC H2 playlist, there will be multiple small changes made to the game. However, two larger changes they have talked about making are adding in the Assault Rifle and the GunGoose. What is a GunGoose you ask? Well, how does a GunGoose with guns sound to you? I hope it sounds good, because that's what you're going to get! It actually kind of sounds like a unwieldy ghost that can hold a passenger to me...

Playlist Changes: SWAGnums

Swat magnums has now been added to the swat playlist in Halo 4. Always a fun addition if you like swat, and you know I do!

Screenshot Spotlight: Snazzy Skins

Winning screenshots featured Spartans wielding weapons with special skins. As usual, Receptor has gotten his screenshot into the mix. Great work! To get your screenshot into next Wednesday's bulletin, the theme is throwing the ball in oddball or richochet.


Destiny News

10 days away from the Beta on 7/23/14. Not as excited as I thought I'd be, but then again I'm a curmudgeonly old man at a young age. Still be good way to spend the middle of a week though, aye?

Ghost Edition Announced

The Ghost edition of Destiny was announced on Bungie day, complete with a ghost statue and a season pass. More information can be found here!

X-Box DLC Issue

It was recently revealed that when each DLC of Destiny drops, there will be parts of the DLC with exclusive content for Playstation users (again, for a certain period of time, perhaps a year). With the price of the DLC staying the same for the Xbox the the Playstation consoles, that has actually lead to a small portion of xbox players canceling their pre-orders.

Midland Base News

Leaders wanted

The leaders of Midland Base have recently learned that Spacey Rose will unfortunately have to step down from her leadership role as of the start of August. This means that THERE WILL BE NO SATURDAY GAMENIGHT UNLESS WE CAN START GETTING SOME NEW LEADERS. So check use out if you're interested.

Game Night attendance

Friday Gamenight 7-11-14 Hosted by Ec1ip53

Ec1ip53, Chipk77, Dredd1977, Itz a xbomerx, Mendicantbias21, and zzamorac.

Saturday Classic 7-12-14 Hosted by Ec1ip53

Ec1ip53, AnimeManicFan, and BattleBug85.

Saturday Gamenight 7-12-14 Hosted by SpaceyRose

SpaceyRose, Chipk77, BattleBug85, and ArtofRuin27.

Sunday Classic 7-13-14 Hosted by BattleBug85

BattleBug85, AnimeManicFan, Poetepoet, B106

New members

No fresh meat this week.

That's the end of my first week back, so let me know what you think. Here's the discussion thread, if any of you dare! Mwahahaha!

Hey folks, this is it. It's what you have probably been waiting for these last three weeks. That's right, it's my last update. Our XO, Ec1ip53 will be back to give you all the latest news. That said, I'm going to go out with a freaking bang....

In this week's update you'll find....

Destiny News

  1. 7 on the 7th
  2. Bungie Weekly Update 7/4/14

Halo News

  1. Halo Bulletin for 7/2/14

Midland Base News

  1. Leaders needed and wanted
  2. New Members
  3. Game Night/Day attendance
  4. Grifball
  5. Sunday Game Day format change redux

Well, the fourth is upon us and another holiday weekend of fun in the sun is just a few moments away. While you wait, here's all the latest news from all fronts.

Destiny News

7 on the 7th

In case you need a truck to fall on your head to catch the hint from last week's BWU, there's something always special about 7/7 or Bungie Day. Keep your eyes and ears on high alert!!!

Bungie Weekly Update 7/4/14

Hey, Deej is back and has some more hints and cool pics.

Halo News

Halo Bulletin for 7/2/14

There's a ton of stuff packed in this one. This holiday weekend you get an amped up splaser if you are the King.

Midland Base News

Leaders needed and wanted

That's right we're still looking for qualified leaders who enjoy giving back to the community.

New Members

Welcome to Midland Base: Lenfest, TheDirectorFury, and the INGROSSER

Game Night/Day attendance

Saturday - Poetepoet, battlebug85, b1o6

Saturday Night - Dredd1973, battlebug85, SpaceyRose, Chipk77, Receptor 17, b1o6, Itz a xboomerx, Mongo 50, zzamorac, Ec1ip53, silienthit86

Sunday - battlebug85, silienthit86, AnimeManicFan


The ladies are still looking for new volunteers to join in on smashing stuff on Friday nights. Contact either battlebug85 or SpaceyRose for the full scoop. Speak softly and never approach either from the rear or you may get pummeled.

Sunday Game Day format redux

That's right and now official Sunday Game Days will now be hosted in Halo:Reach. Check us out on Sundays at 1500 MB time.

That's it for me. It's been another fun and wacky time at the helm of Midland Base News. XO can take care of you now. I'll just leave you with these nuggets...

Seven Wacky Words Born in the USA

Have a safe and happy 4th

Welcome back for another edition of the Midland Base Weekly Update! I've got a lot of good stuff to talk about. So, clean your glasses and read on!!!

In this weeks update you'll find...

Destiny News

  • Bungie Weekly Update - 06/27/2014
  • Can you get your groove on?

343 News

  • The Halo Bulletin 6/25/14
  • Halo Escalation #7 available now
  • Halo 4 MatchMaking update Team DLC

Midland Base News

  • Game Night/Day attendance
  • New Members
  • Promotion
  • New Leaders

Destiny News

Bungie Weekly Update - 06/27/2014 -

Well Deej seems to be on vacation and urk has stepped in to take care of the BWU this week. For those that remember, we will never forget. I'll just say thanks, he's one of the reasons we found a new home on Enjin. 

Anyhoo, the Destiny cheevos are out and one of them looks vaguely like our very own(Notorious) Very Cool!!!

Can you get your groove on?

Well by now you all must know teabagging has graduated to a new level. Whether you like the idea or not, soon we will be able to groove on Destiny. If you haven't seen it yet, here's your chance.

I know I'll be grooving in Destiny!!! Here's some more Funk to get you through the rest of this update...

343 News

The Halo Bulletin 6/25/14

There's some good stuff in this week's bulletin. So be sure to check it out!!! One thing of note, RECEPTOR 17 has made it back onto the bulletin with another screenie. Congrats!!! Who knows maybe someone from 343 read last week's update???

Light Recon by RECEPTOR 17

Halo Escalation #7 available now

Our XO swears by reading these you'll know the future of Halo. Well, I'm not one to tempt fate.

Halo 4 MatchMaking update Team DLC

You'll need the Majestic Map Pack to play in this one.

Midland Base News

Game Night/Day attendance

Friday Game Night - Ecip53, Chipk77, MendicantBias21, Silient Hit86, Mongo 50, MeekNWeak, and Zzamorac

Saturday Game Night - Battlebug85, Silient Hit86, SpaceyRose, and ITSKILLERYO

New Members

This week we had five new members join our ranks. Outstanding and welcome to Midland Base: nnn14, ArchLTbailey, MarkT1982, Tyber117, and JHact007


This week chipk77 finished off his leadership training and emerged a leader. Congratulations chipk77 and thanks for stepping up to help out!!!

New Leaders

That's right folks we are still looking for leaders. Now and until Destiny, you've got a chance to give back, do something useful, and feel appreciated. What??? Nobody appreciates the guys in charge but, they are the first one to get called in case of emergencies.

That's it for me this week I hope you enjoyed the show!!!

Mongo 50 Nice update, Hit!!! Can't wait to get my groove on and I'm sure that'll be our first montage when Destiny drops!!!
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