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Once again, another week has passed us by. As we eagerly await the advent of Halo 4, we must resolve to feast upon small morsels of information. However, take heart, for soon all shall know the glory of Requiem; from seeping vistas to hidden secrets.

This update is intended to constitute a brief summary of recent events within Midland Base.

Grifball Update

Our incumbent Grifball Team is presently preparing to partake in the Grifball Summer League. This prestigious event encompasses a plethora of apt teams, all striving to achieve victory and immortalisation. Given the vigour of recent Midland Bellwether practices, the group team shall (hopefully) enjoy a rewarding and beneficial tournament.

Those interested in joining the Midland Bellwethers are advised to view the recruitment topic.

SWAT Update

Last week’s practice session placed great emphasis upon matchmaking. Following a brief overview of the map Asylum, the Midland Base SWAT Team ventured into the SWAT playlist. This yielded both edifying and beneficial games, which enhanced both team cohesion and competitive aptitude. My sincere thanks to all in attendance.

The forthcoming practice session shall commence at 7pm, Saturday 30 June. It shall incorporate an overview of the map Powerhouse, which appears to presently be experiencing enhanced proliferation. Following this, given the presence of a notable jackpot in the SWAT playlist, we shall embark upon matchmaking.

Those interested in joining the SWAT Team are advised to view the recruitment topic.

Forum Update

Several topics have inspired virulent discussion over the past week. Some of the most noteworthy topics being elaborated upon are outlined below.

-          Ones Halo 4 primary weapon preferences

-          The recent 343 "Halo Bulletin”

-          The incorporation of clan support features into Halo 4

-          Popular films

-          Edifying pictures, music clips and videos

As one may have noted, recent weeks have yielded a sizable increase in the discussion of Halo 4 content. This trend is likely only to persist.

New Members

It is my pleasure to welcome MallorProto92, ChillinRecord, Lbedzki44, GlockPro34, r00kle123, LIGERS MILK and FaceKilla v2 to Midland Base. We hope that you all find group membership to be both edifying and beneficial. Given the forthcoming advent of Halo 4, you have all resolved to join at an opportune juncture.


The cornerstone of Midland Base is its regular gamenights. These highly attended events represent an excellent opportunity for members to converse with cordial and diverse individuals. The gamenight schedule is outlined below, with all times expressed relative to CDT.

Thursday "Ice Cream Social With Guns” (7pm Thursday) – Kegler73

Friday Gamenight (8pm Friday) – Parziel

Saturday Gamenight (9pm Saturday) – xNICONx

European Gamenight (3PM Sunday) – John1117

All members are encouraged to befriend the gamenight hosts outlined above, via Xbox LIVE.


As another Weekly Update approaches its conclusion, we contemplate the forthcoming advent of Halo 4. Given the anticipated presence of 343 at several gaming conferences over the coming weeks, we need not fast upon intangible information for much longer.

I wish you all a pleasant and enjoyable week.