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Good day Midland!

Halo fact of this week:

Thom-293 was a SPARTAN-III commando who served as a member of the UNSC Navy during the Human-Covenant war. He was a member of Noble Team until his death in spring 2552.

During the Battle of Fumirole on April 22, 2552, Thom participated in an operation put together by LCDR Catherine-B320 to destroy a CCS-class battlecruiser maintaining position above a city. However, the Lieutenant Commander, who carried the tactical nuclear weapon intended to destroy the Covenant ship, was incapacitated while on her way to the objective by an enemy Banshee.

Thom was the first to arrive where Kat was wounded, and immediately picked up the nuke and used his jetpack to fly into the battlecruiser because he did not have time to wait for additional help (in this case his teammates). Once inside the ship's loading dock, he threw the nuke into a staging area. The nuke detonated before Thom could safely make it out, destroying the ship but killing Thom in the process.


For some time this was the last weekend as we know it... we are looking for few good people, who would like to join our Moderator ranks and became Friday and Saturday Game Hosts. If you feel like it is a job for you, wait no longer and sign up!

Ice Cream Social with Guns, hosted by Kegler73

These are the Midlanders who attended: Kegler 73, NinJakeTsu, A Freaking Owl, Ladies Man, Silient Hit86, Wetz689, Itz a Boomer, LigersMilk, Cody10323, shocking Results, XNiconx, MendicantBias,

These are some of the Games played: Slayer, team Slayer, Neutral CTF, Assault, Team Crazy King, Invasion, Zombie Ghosts

Thank God It's Friday, hosted by  Kegler73

These are the Midlanders who attended: Kegler73, Wetz, XNicon, MendicantBias, The Slanted Clam, Silient Hit, Glasious, Cody, ShockingResults, IwillFollowUoK

These are some of the Games played: Elite Slayer, 1 Flag CTF, BTB Slaye, grifball, SWAT, Slayer DMR, Splockets, Invasion Spire, MLGPL Team Slayer v7

The Saturday Game Night, hosted by  Kegler73

These are the Midlanders who attended: Kegler, SilientHit, MallorProto, LadiesMan, Gaara, MendicantBias, A Freaking Owl, IwillFollowUoK, Cody10323

These are some of the Games played:  Assault, Stockpile, Team Slayer, Grifball Dash, Grifball, Invaion, BTB Heavies, Slayer, Team Slayer, Dino Blasters

The Sunday Game Day, hosted by John1117

These are the Midlanders who attended: John1117, Wetz, LadiesMan, A FreakingOwl, Mendicant, Kegler, IwillFollowUoK

These are some of the Games played:Slayer DMR, Invasion, Hot Potato, BTB Heavies, Anniv Team Slayer, Team Slayer, Slayer DMR, Team Snipers


Number of this week is 18

In speech, the numbers 18 and 80 are sometimes confused. When carefully enunciated, they differ in which syllable is stressed: 18 /eɪtˈtiːn/ vs 80 /ˈeɪti/. However, in dates such as 1864, or when contrasting numbers in the teens, such as 17, 18, 19, the stress shifts to the first syllable: 18 /ˈeɪttiːn/. (Does anybody read it?) In some dialects, such as General American, there is little confusion because the single t sound in 80 becomes a d-like flap [ɾ], whereas the double t sound in 18 does not. The atomic number of argon The 18-electron rule is a rule of thumb in transition metal chemistry for characterising and predicting the stability of metal complexes. The number of years in the Saros cycle of eclipses of the sun and moon. In 1990 Megadeth released Hanger 18 as a single for the Rust in Piece Album. In Chinese tradition, the number 18 is normally 十八 (shí bā), but it can also be read as 幺八 (yāo bā), which sounds like 要发 (yào fā), meaning that one is going to prosper. Thus, building floors numbered "18" are often very expensive in China. Contrastingly, though, the floor 18 of a building in Northern China is viewed as a floor to be avoided, as one can never return from the 18th level of hell. Oh well, we are not going to hell, but we wait for Halo 4 and it will be helluva a weekend after Nov. 6 2012! Just 18 more weeks my friends!

John1117 out. Time to work, be well, be good, MTFBWYA and be patient! it is just 18 weeks!