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Hello Midland Base, this is your one and only John1117 telling you stories about our past, Midland Base weekend, but first thing first:


Halo fact of this week:

Back in 1999, HALO wasn't planned for release on any game console, partly because no console could handle its cutting-edge graphics. The other reason? It was built specifically for simultaneous release on the PC and -- wait for it -- Apple Macintosh. At the time, it made perfect sense. Bungie Studios was primarily a Mac developer and had enjoyed some modest hits on the platform with the influential Marathon and Myth franchises. In fact, Apple was so enamored with Bungie's work that CEO Steve Jobs trumpeted Halo's arrival at the 1999 MacWorld Expo and singled out the title as an example of his company's technical superiority. It would be a brief win, as only a year later, Microsoft would purchase Bungie and convert Halo to the premier launch title for their Xbox console. Jobs was reportedly furious, but he enjoyed playing HALO on his shiny new Power Mac G5.

OK,  back to the weekend update.

Important note: Please, do not forget to add FunkyChickenLvr as your friend over XBL because he will be hosting our Friday Game Nights - starting Friday 13th :) - oh man.... If I were him, I'd take a sick leave. I can stand everything, but not Friday 13th and black cat crossing my path...

Ice Cream Social with Guns, hosted by Kegler73

These are the Midlanders who attended: Kegler 73, Gaara, Itz a Boomer, FunkyChickenLvr, ChickenMnkyDuck, Cody10323, Zzamorac, MallorProto92, Ec1ip53, LadiesMan281, xNiconxV2, a Freaking Owl, IwillFollowUoK,

These are some of the Games played: Hog_potato, Neutral Bomb, Team Crazy King, Invasion, Elite Slayer, Assault

The Saturday Game Night, hosted by xNICONx

These are the Midlanders who attended: Nicon, Gaara, Zzamorac, Itz a Boomer, Mendicant Bias, Cody, Ligers Milk, Kegler, Ec1ip53, ShockingResults

These are some of the Games played:  BTB Snipers, MLGPL Slayer, Invasion Slayer, VTF, BTB Slayer, Snipers Pro, BTb Heavies, Grfball Dash, MLGPL Slayer, Team Snipers

The Sunday Game Day, hosted by John1117

These are the Midlanders who attended: John1117, Kegler, Wetz, Mongo, FunkyChickenLvr, ChickenMnkyDuck, Barra, MendicantBias, Zzamorac, PorkchopSandwich, A Freaking Owl,

These are some of the Games played:Team Snipers, BTB Elite Slayer, Anniv. Team Slayer, Team Slayer, Slayer, BTB Snipers, Team Slayer, Slayer

Number of this week is 17

In spoken English, the numbers 17 and 70 are sometimes confused because they sound similar. When carefully enunciated, they differ in which syllable is stressed: 17 /sɛvɨnˈtiːn/ vs 70 /ˈsɛvɨnti/. However, in dates such as 1789 or when contrasting numbers in the teens, such as 16, 17, 18, the stress shifts to the first syllable: 17 /ˈsɛvɨntiːn/. The number 17 has wide significance in pure mathematics, as well as in applied sciences, law, music, religion, sports, and other cultural phenomena.

• "17", a song by yourcodenameis:milo.

• "Seventeen" by Jimmy Eat World.

• "Seventeen Ain't So Sweet" a song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

• "17" a song by Kings of Leon.

• "Edge of Seventeen", a song from the 1981 album Bella Donna by Stevie Nicks.

• 17 Hippies, German band.

In 2004, Volatile Films released a feature length film titled The Significance of Seventeen starring Cindy Taylor; one theme addressed by the film is the high incidence of the number 17 and its function as 'the most random number' as described by MIT.

• Android 17, a character from the Dragon Ball series.

• Detective Konawaka from the Paprika anime has a strong dislike for the number 17. The computer game Half-Life 2 takes place in and around City 17. And our foavorite character name is John 1117, uhm... sorry... John 117 :D Yeah... it also means that 17 is our favorite number this week, because it is only 17 weeks left to Nov. 6 2012 and you know what wil happen then :) If you do not know... well... I let you put your guess in comments :)

John1117 out. Time to work, be well, be good, MTFBWYA and be patient! it is just 17 weeks!