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Visit the most common questions below or use the quick links to browse policy and information pages.

Am I allowed to be a member of Midland Base as well as other groups?

  • Yes, as long as the other group does not promote modding or cheating. Also a member cannot compete against Midland Base in any competition as a member of another group.
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What are the first things I should do after my application is accepted?

  • After your application is accepted you will need to make an introduction thread in the Member Introduction forum before you are able to join the group in game nights/days or post in other threads.
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What are the forum policies and rules for posting?

  • The use of profanity, vulgarity, or obscure acronyms is not tolerated either in text, photos, or videos.We have members of all ages, races, and persuasions. No member should feel uncomfortable within our group. If you feel a post or thread has stepped out of line please use the "Report" button at the bottom of the thread to notify an Administrator.
  • You cannot make an additional post in same thread within 5 minutes of the first post.
  • Advertising for other clans/groups in the forums is not tolerated.
  • Posts in any forum/thread are to be restricted to the topic of that forum/thread.
  • New threads posted about existing topics will be locked or deleted.
  • "Bumping” a thread is not acceptable.
    • When you reply to a thread make sure you add relevant content. Any post that does not meaningfully contribute to a discussion is a bump and is not allowed.
  • Only Moderators/Administrators are allowed to create ‘official’ thread topics.
    • Including (but not limited to): Game Nights/Days, Group Tournaments and Group Contests.
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Are there any policies regarding my forum signature/username?

  • Signature blocks cannot be larger than 520px by 220px.
  • Signature blocks may not have a file size larger than 1.5mb.
  • Animated signature blocks ARE allowed, but must still adhere to previously stated policies.

Is there monthly forum posting requirement?

  • Yes. A member must make at least 8 posts every month. If a member fails to make 8 posts they have 30 days to make those posts or the user's membership will be canceled.
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Am I allowed to "teabag" other players?

  • Absolutely no "tea-bagging" is allowed.
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Are cursing and vulgarity allowed?

  • In the forums, absolutely not. During game nights/days and group events the Host will decide whether or not to allow profanity, to what degree it will be allowed, and the consequences of members who do not follow the Leader's regulations.

What is the group policy for credit farming in Halo?

  • Credit farming WILL NOT be discussed or hinted at in the forums or group events. Any member participating in credit farming will receive a 14 day ban on their first strike; second strike will be a permanent ban.
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Do we play on modded game maps or types?

  • No modding of game types or maps is allowed PERIOD. This is a hard line issue, those who participate knowingly in modded game types and maps will be permanently banned.
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Do I have to be a part of the Midland Base clan to play Destiny?

  • To participate in group events, including game nights/days, you will need to join the Midland Base clan at Bungie.

What is required of members participating in group battles?

Does the group have an "official" Halo in-game emblem?

  • Primary Color (PC); Secondary Color (SC); Background Color (BC)
  • Reach/ODST: PC- Coral; SC- Gold; BC- Maroon.
  • Halo 3: PC- Orange; SC- Yellow; BC- Crimson.
  • Halo 4: PC- Coral; SC- Yellow; BC- Maroon
    • SR1 - SR28: ONI foreground, Vortex or Circle background
    • SR28 - SR44: Valkyrie foreground, Vortex or Circle background
    • SR44: Valkyrie foreground, Shield background

What are the icons under member names in the forum and on profiles?

Can I change the color of my name?/Why do some people have different colored names?

  • All users are able to request pink sparkles in the Rank/Award/Ribbon/MIA Statues Requests Thread.
  • Other username effects are only for Leaders/Exalted Members.
    • Founder: Red Glow
    • Executive Officer: Blue Glow
    • Admin: Green Glow
    • Founder Award holder: Gold sparkles
    • Executive Officer's Award holder: Silver sparkles
    • Moderators: Yellow Glow
    • Probationary Moderators: Yellow Glow
    • Master Sergeants: Navy flame
    • Recognition ranks/Monitors: Red sparkles
    • MIA: Green sparkles (to simulate pestilence armor effect from Halo: Reach)
    • Banned: Black flame

What is

  • Enjin is the web forum company who provides us with the means to host a forum based website.
  • Midland Base abides by the Enjin.Com Terms of Service and Forum Rules at all times. Violations of either of these may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Midland Base depending on the severity and frequency of the infractions(s).