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Midland Base  -  We are a Destiny / Halo Group!
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Dredd1973I've tried a couple of times to buy hosting using the donations, but I keep getting an error through the e-mail that it can't be processed. I've contacted TrialPay and asked WTF?!? - I'll keep y'all posted.
Dredd1973   Chip has reported getting the same error.
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JDBandit   donated $30.00 to Midland Base.
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swiftfire101   Thanks for your donation jdbandit!
Dredd1973   Many thanks for the generous donation!
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swiftfire101   party for wetz! thanks for your donation!
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Midland Base has reached a new record of 75 registered users today!
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Dredd1973   Oh, and it's not "Y'all" saying this :) This notice is automated. Every activity scan we go below 75 members. Before the next one we generally go back above it. So this keeps getting put in the feed :)
Dredd1973   A "new record" again :)
John1117   till the December 1st :)
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